Suchitra Acharya Nepali Actress Sex Video Leaked

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Suchitra Acharya Nepali Actress Sex Video Leaked

 Suchitra Baskota Acharya is New Nepali Actress living in Australia who lost her mobile phone and the two sex video was leaked.  She updated her Facebook status that she lost her mobile phone. See the screenshot image of her facebook profile.
According to Onlinekhabar among two videos, in first video she was playing nude with her body on skype video chat with Nepali Film "Jang Bahadur ko Coat" director Yogendra Khadka.
Similarly in Second Video she was caught with her husband, On that video Suchitra's husband was playing with his nude body on skype video chat.

Both videos are published by two different Facebook Profile. First video is leaked by the Fake profile of Yogendra Khadka. Below is the screenshot of the Facebook Profile of Yogendra Khadka.
And the second video was leaked by the name of Suchitra Acharya in which the video of her husband was leaked. Below is the Fake Facebook profile of her name which is deactivated now.
After leak out of these videos Yogendra Khadka and her husband were deactivated his profile and still the mystery is not reveled who have done this. Actress Suchitra said she had reported to Australian Police.

Suchitra's husband is Niranjan Baskota and they have one daughter. Suchitra didn't described any more about the video and she said that someone made fake video and Facebook profile and also she requested their friends to do not accept friend request from her fake profile.

Yogendra Khadka has claimed that the videos were fake and the person who created them had tried to blackmail him asking $2000 for the video. Yogendra also shared the screenshots of the communication with the blackmailer. Below is the screenshots of the communication.